Bad Wurzach, Germany

In order to create an adequate ambience for top quality mud-therapy offered in the Vitalium Bad Wurzach, the facility area is to be modernized. In the present draft, the mud-bathing area is fundamentally revised in order to offer spa guests a unique experience in terms of architecture.

The peculiarities of the therapy procedures and the technical requirements of the treatment were met. Whereas previously the sanitary area is separated from the rest area, it is now integrated. The spa guest moves for the duration of his stay exclusively in “own” space between bathroom and rest room. The therapist, on the other hand, has the advantage of being able to move efficiently between periods of high occupancy between individual baths. ¬†For the relaxation area, individual “cocoons” are planned, in which the spa guest is wrapped in towels after a bath and stays for another 20 minutes. Here a warm, protective atmosphere dominates; the spa guest comes to rest and relaxation. In terms of material and atmosphere, the 10 relaxation rooms (cocoons), the 6 mud baths and the 4 packaging rooms are a hybrid between mud bath and cocoons. This is justified by the combination of hygienic (pack) and restful requirements (rest).


Bad Wurzach, Germany