Bonn, Germany

The Hardtbergbad, which was built in 1968 and expanded to be a combined bath in 1982, requires fundamental refurbishment and spirited modernization. To meet the increasing demand from local schools and to encourage a healthy lifestyle, the existing structure is to be augmented with a teaching and learning pool with an adjustable floor. The Hardtbergbad is to be expanded and redesigned as a barrier-free family pool with a children’s area, an adventure pool and a tubular slide.

The Hardtbergbad, the only combination pool to date, is a central component of the Bonn pool landscape and is to be permanently preserved. Its renovation has already been decided before the city council. Significant renovation should make the operation of the complex more economical and efficient. The potential savings are considerable, as no modern energy-saving technologies have been implemented to this date.


Bonn, Germany


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