Vilnius, Lithuania

Starting Point

It is difficult balancing the consideration of historic memories and the increasing pressure to present venues for events and generating more visitors and revenue.
The TV tower cannot only be a pure obelisk with the same appearance it had over the last 40 years – no – it must set a new visual icon for the capital Vilnius and future-oriented Lithuania. A refurbished interior is not being sufficient, a small, inexpensive addition will transform the structure into a new symbol for the country and be the city’s landmark, well-known in Europe and throughout the world. As Lithuania has transformed into a modern, established European country, one of its emblems of old Soviet architecture will transform, too.

Design Concept

One major design objective is to clearly separate the new and the old functions, the event spaces, and the memorial site. The classical round base with its 32 concrete panels will remain intact and will be renovated to preserve its original appearance of the concrete era.
A new oblique, sloping wedge will intersect with the cylinder, higher on the front side, lower on the backside. The walls cutting through the existing building divide the functions into exhibition spaces, recreational spaces, and memorial sites. Here, the visitors have interactive exposure to the events of January 13th and can learn about the country’s history, culture, and customs. A small conference room can be rented for events.


Vilnius, Lithuania