Düsseldorf, Germany

The property is certainly not one of the most attractive building sites on the ground floor level in Oberkassel / Heerdt. However, it is possible to use the district bath as an attractive, singular building in this environment. Here, the homogeneous shape of a pebble in the river is chosen, which adapts to all currents around and forms a compact structure in the midst of various external influences.

The floor plan was chosen so that all public functions are aligned towards the Rhine and thus giving way to a spectacular view. A terrace upstairs is also available to various users. The building envelope provides glazing where it is essential for its use. The main orientation for glazing is towards the river or the south.

Effective natural ventilation, the use of solar gain and effective shading should give the building an identity as well as sustainability. Towards the north and higher traffic areas predominantly closed elements are planned. The football pitch above the parking is designed as a raised platform and is accessible by ramp or stairs.


Düsseldorf, Germany


under construction