Ried im Innkreis, Austria

The sauna garden is designed as an oasis in the noisy urban environment. From the entire sauna interior. The visitor’s view is directed only into this space of retreat.

In the sauna garden, the pond is arranged as an eye-catcher directly in front of the facade of the reclining area. The rest of the sauna garden is very small, a circular path inviting visitors to take a walk and allowing them to stroll past the sauna buildings and individually designed lounging areas. One doesn’t get the impression of being in a vast, inanimate area, rather every guest has their own retreat and will quickly find a favorite space. Therefore, the sauna garden is of enormous importance for economic success.

Due to the consistent orientation of the swimming pool and sauna towards the south and west, optimal use of daylight and passive solar gain is possible. This construction method is decisive for the economic operation of the Ried Oasis. The indentation of the sauna garden even enlarges this area.


Ried im Innkreis, Austria