Potsdam, Germany

The sports and leisure pool is an urban light square with a view of the city and Brauhausberg. A U-shaped ring of foyer/ administration/ fitness, sauna, sports pool forms the structural background for the open structure of the leisure pool. Noise is shielded and natural light is brought in from above and to the sides. The leisure pool merges with the outdoor facilities to form a quiet oasis in the middle of the traffic island on the building site.

The location demands the homogeneous large form of a public building that at the same time respects the scale of the buildings on the Brauhausberg. The noise protection grows out of the building as a roofed pergola and merges into the landscape. The flowing forms avoid the separating character of a horizontal pergola, which is particularly important for the city view. The fa├žade design dissolves the readability of the three floors and thus indicates the special function of the building for the city of Potsdam.

Due to the composed roof landscape (U-form with vortex) with integrated noise protection, the whole building with roof and outside facilities appears as one unit, also seen from the Kaiser-Wilhelm view.

The extremely compact, homogeneous structure defines the urban context.

In the planning concept of the facilities, a minimization of the consumption of energy and resources as well as the lowest possible impact on the ecosystem is envisaged, starting with the planning, construction, use and renewal and ending with deconstruction.


Potsdam, Germany


competition, finalist