ORCA House is designed for an ambitious entrepreneur as a dream house. Through a series of dialogues with the client, the concept of luxury hide-out inspired by Ken Adam aesthetics was born with its ideal cliff-edged dramatic coastal location still to be sought.

The dynamic and intricate spaces of ORCA House are generated out of one continuous surface that undergoes a set of rather simple mutations such as stretching, cutting, bending, etc. At grade, the surface is formed into a tube to establish the building foundation. As the top edge of the tube rises to define the lower level of the building envelope, it is then stretched outward to form the upper-level floor, the driveway as well as a large terrace with a commanding view of the ocean. As part of the surface-edge continues to rise, the surface creates a solid wall for private rooms placed on the hillside, giving the house clear orientation, addressing the dramatic coastal view. The top edge of the wall surface is then stretched laterally to become the roof, and a subsequent portion of the surface is then punctured to provide the house with a central skylight.

Finally, the edge of the roof opening continues to grow downward with the resulting surface again becoming tubular, threaded through the initial tube to define a central atrium space/staircase of the house.