Poing, Germany

In the Anni-Piekert Elementary and Middle School Complex, an amorphous building site is planned for the replacement swimming pool and the new cafeteria. The new building complex ” P├╝nktchen and Anton” should be a resource for both the school and the residents of Poing. In ” P├╝nktchen ” all the cooks are called “Berta” and offer delicious food, while in “Anton” nobody has to beg for swimming lessons.

The roof of the swimming pool extends from the earth wall and rises slowly to the west, leaning slightly to the south. The roof of the Cafeteria is tilted to the west. Both roofs can either be green or covered with solar panels.

The building is organized spatially based on functional sequences. In the swimming pool, there is morning and evening sun, while protection from heat gain due to southern sun exposure is provided. The cafeteria receives sunlight from morning until noon.


Poing, Germany