Ilmenau, Germany

The dynamic and strong form of the new swimming pool in Ilmenau delivers complex geometry and design simplicity simultaneously. Situated on a pond in a wooded park, nature is brought inside the main swimming hall through the full-height glazing, giving swimmers a unique experience.

By connecting through its foyer to an existing ice skating rink, the new construction integrates itself into the surrounding urban fabric. The ground floor consists of a sport pool, teaching pool and children’s pool with changing rooms and showers, while technical rooms are located in the basement. The primary design goal was to provide a range of moods from the strong, colorful entrance, through the comfortable changing area to the airy and light main pool with an expressive ceiling. Main Materials such as glass, timber, and concrete combine to create a cozy and sporty atmosphere. The composition is striking, yet harmoniously defined in differing and contrasting shades of red.


Ilmenau, Germany


under construction