Vladimir, Russia

Visioned to stand tall among the urban context of Vladmir city, and accessed by the very important Lenin Avenue, the idea was for it to be identified as the major architectural highlight in the context, gazing over the city and the Klyazma river. The orientation of the tower is carefully planned out to achieve the status of a landmark as well as to create a dialogue within the existing context. The fa├žade resembling the pleates of a curtain seemingly moved by the gentle, careful yet careless breeze would have an ever so mesmerizing effect on the passerby.

Hotel Vladmir comprises of 13 floors which is essentially a tower nested within a fluid podium. The first two floors consists of all the public activities such as retail area, conference and party rooms, restaurants, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming, and sauna. The tower floor plate is shaped like a parallelogram, the 2 bigger corners houses the business suites, enjoying the view of the city on one side and the river on the other. And the 6 other spacious rooms make up each of the typical floors.


Vladimir, Russia