Greifenberg, Germany

Greifenberg Outdoor Pool Complex is an urban landscape surrounded in a three-dimensional topographic setting, which inherently gives a spatial quality to the project. This natural setting is rendered in the form of stepped terraces, which gently creates different atmospheric zones, ideal for an outdoor sports/recreation facility.

The heart of the project is the outdoor, barrier-free pool area which is landscaped in three levels to establish an intimate yet contrasting relationship with the surroundings and at the same time offer unobstructed views. The pool area, which consists of a 25-m swimming pool with diving boards, a leisure pool and a specially designed pool for children, organized around the S-form of the building creating a sense of security and affinity.

According to the specific spatial and functional needs, the building program was split into the technical zone and the visitor areas. These needs are accommodated in two volumes which are detached, creating the entrance from the parking level while at the same time they are topped by a single concrete roof, forming a “gate ” as well as providing a unity.

The design of the changing rooms aims to achieve functionality and the sense of continuous contact with nature as they are “enveloped” in a non-enclosed volume. The walls are offset from the roof producing skylights allowing the natural light as well as ventilation.


Greifenberg, Germany


under construction