Berlin, Germany

The design approach introduces more movement and dynamism externally, improves the connection between spaces internally, and strengthens the relationship of inside to outside. The concept of movement is expressed on the building’s outer composition by the addition of new vibrant elements to the existing rectangular volume. These additions are highlighted with distinct yet complementary materials, such as wood for the wavy lamella facade, steel for the exterior staircase, and glass for the new Winter garden.

To allow the building to integrate into its immediate context, the materials and coloration are chosen to be harmonious and contrast modestly. The composition is intended to be more daring on the interior. Introduced as the main element in a space that combines multiple activities, the calculated color combination adapts to the original building and is able to meet the new needs. Whether in matte or glossy finishes, the colors are introduced in each space through different components and with variable intensity, depending on the space´s function. The color blends the old and the new and establishes a rhythm within the project.


Berlin, Germany


under construction