Treuchlingen, Germany

After more than 40 years of indoor swimming and 20 years of spa operation, the Altmühltherme is in a state of technical and constructional refurbishment. Extensive concrete renovation work on the building, partial upgrading of MEP | electric technology and the pool water treatment plants make modernization urgently necessary.

When developing the design concept, the existing context is decisive. Thus, the local Treuchtlingen marble is used as a leitmotif. The appearance of the Jurassic Limestone runs as a common thread throughout the building. While in the sauna garden original Jurassic marble is used, the fine-grained limestone in the spa can only be implemented optically. Another goal is to include the park-like, delightful outdoor complex with access to the Altmühl in the building.

Additionally, an important building block for a soothing interior atmosphere is the use of warm woods: the light-flooded rooms of the sauna are to be provided with an internal wooden facade over a large area. This creates a very special and pleasant impression of space in combination with the necessary privacy from the outside.
Ultimately, the new design concept introduces a clearly restrained color concept with a classic look, elegant and pleasing. The color choice of the surfaces is moderately differentiated, therefore timeless and comparable to other successful facilities.


Treuchtlingen, Bayern, Germany