Klaipeda, Lithuania

The design of the new Music Theater Klaipeda should be both an architectural landmark and a highly modern and functional music venue.

Demolishing part of the existing building opens up new possibilities for rearranging the program. Both auditoriums will now be rotated 90 degrees. This opens up the possibility of having a beautiful open foyer space facing the river, with a cantilevering theater space above.

Approaching over the bridge over the Dane River, one initially sees the existing tower and the new music theater with its enticing shape stretching towards the park appears next to it.

The dynamic facade reflects the new impetus of the musical theater. Flowing louvers gently wrap the exterior walls, modulating the views and natural light much like a crescendo and decrescendo of the musical works performed inside.

The other program inside, like the lobby, is unified by a homogeneous fa├žade that alternates between open, closed and semi-transparent. Similar to an orchestra the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

The architectural idea resolves into the concept of enhancing the quality of the old building and creating a fabulous new adjacent space.


Klaipeda, Lithuania


under construction