Bad Elster, Germany

The challenge for the new thermal saline-bath to the north of the existing Albert Bath is primarily the skillful combination of restraint and simultaneous presence. The new Bath should respect the venerable old building and yet provoke interest. It should offer the feeling of closeness of nature and the Elster to the guests, but at the same time preserve privacy and security.

Furthermore, the need for interaction between the planned hotel construction in the northeast portion of the construction site and the existing parking garage arises.  As a first step, the placement of the thermal salt-water bath on the same street as the train station will attract attention. Coves and cutouts in the building arouse one’s curiosity to discover what is taking place behind the façade. The transition of the relatively low roof-edge to the vaulted roof gently directs the view to the hotel behind, which forms only an intermediate stage in the height development to Albert Hall and ultimately towards the prominent hill to the east of Bad Elster.


Bad Elster, Germany


competition, 2nd Prize