Schwabmünchen, Germany

The proposed new indoor pool for Schwabmünchen is a proposal of a 4.000m² aquatics center, located in Bavaria. Considering the urban conditions and the site limitations, a proposal of a double-story building is suggested. The stacked proposal of the building allows for a larger, programmatically activated, green space on the ground floor and facilitates circulation through the plot connecting other educational buildings and sports facilities in the neighborhood.

The design intent was to separate the primary from the secondary program, so as to bring the user to an upper floor, where only the leisure and sports activities take place in a transparent, encompassing volume full of daylight, a pavilion-like space. This elevated area provides better views to the surrounding green environment, isolating the user from the sound and the activity on the level below while isolating from unwanted views.
This project explores the transition of a linear to a curved figure; it’s surface articulation and fabrication processes. It is designed and arranged as a succession of frames that start with a rectangular shape, evolving into a curved and cantilevering section in the middle, ending again as the rectangle. The frames are found on the interior as a timber structure that defines the inner surfaces, indicating the initial geometric process. The shearing of the building creates a dual grid system, that of the interior layout and that of the envelope penetrations, leading to further complexities and exciting challenges to undertake and construct.


Schwabmünchen, Germany


in planning