Penzberg, Germany

The new building will contain a 25m, 5-lane pool, a 1m diving board and 3m diving platform, a combination swimming and leisure pool, a family area with children’s pool, a water slide, a separate sauna area and catering for both swimming and sauna zones.

Site constraints dictated an alternate program distribution by locating the Services at Ground Level. At the same time, the Site provides an expansive view of the Alpine foothills and the ‘Benediktenwand’. Thus, a two-storey building with Reception, Changing Areas, Administration and Services at Ground Level and Upper Level with Sauna Zone to the north and swimming pools facing south was created.

The simple geometric shape of a rectangular floorplan creates a harmonious exterior volume on the outside and interesting interior spaces. The terrace for the sauna landscape is directed inwards, whereby a continuous exterior façade gently rises. The pools are arranged so that the slope of the roofline can increase according to height requirements, creating a harmonious whole.


Penzberg, Germany


under construction